We have been chartered to alleviate poverty and disadvantage in society

We have been tasked to do this by using logical, efficient and practical means to achieve this positive change.

To achieve our aims, we believe in the power of positive programs associated with education, literacy, health and well-being to ultimately transition a person from a state of distress to a successful and sustainable existence where they can build a life of self determination, personal growth, happiness and sustainability.

As an organisation we preference our work to assist Indigenous peoples, women, children and those in crisis.

Also as an organisation we preference our work to be co-operative, and as such we opt to work in partnership than alone. We believe in the power of shared resources and collaboration.

Our vision for the future

We wish to see a World that values and experiences social harmony, sustainable economic and personal development in an atmosphere of excellence and equity. We wish to see a more connected, understanding, and respectful world that acknowledges and embraces difference. We also wish to see a world that see's value in the grassroots local activities of family and friends.

As such we will also prioritize our efforts into building programs that create and foster healthy and sustainable projects that enhance communities affected by real disadvantage and social injustice.

Donate to a specific project need, for example to “ 20 euros for a wheelbarrow ”, or else to a project generally e.g. “Building a school in Mombasa, Kenya”. You can always donate anonymously. Rather than a one-off donation, you can become a monthly donor. Also a possibility with many projects: donations in kind or donating your time as a volunteer.

Rate it if you happen to know the project manager or if you know more about the project for some other reason. Post your opinion on the project-site, ideally including photos or videos from when you visited the project on-site. You can also ask the project manager questions at any time. Others can use their answers to help them decide whether to donate.


Our strategic priorities

Our current strategic priorities are:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Community Development
  4. Transition

These strategic priorities have been determined with a particular emphasis on working with new, isolated and Indigenous peoples in order to achieve our mission statement goals.