The Global Coalition for Change Advisory Council is a group of non-executive and non-association members of our team.

The Council provides pro bono networking and advice to our organisation.

While not executives of our organisation, it should be noted GCC look to these very respected advisors for significant assistance and guidance.



Keith Hutchence is a long-standing member of our Advisory council. He is also the Chairman of GCC United Kingdom.

Keith a long standing member of the fourth estate, having until recently been a leading member of the communications team of the UK Environment Agency. Keith's networks and knowledge of the journalistic world provides ample background to our management committee in all things media.

Keith was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford University and is a regular personality/MC at many global education seminars.

Keith lives in Oxford, United Kingdom but is a regular visitor to Australia.


Robert LYLE

Robert Arthur Wyatt Lyle (known to many as Robbie Lyle) is an international agent and successful businessman with excellent global networks. He is the principal member of Lyle & Partners, a respected advisory business specialising in emerging markets risk opportunities. He also acts as the Director of the Commonwealth and Global Disaster Management Agency (CDMA) offering insurance to governments to mitigate against the financial effects of meteorological and geological natural disasters.

Robbie, who was educated at Eton and Oriel College, Oxford University, has an enduring connection with China. Robbie spent ten years in China as one of Dr Henry Kissinger's advisors. He has also been instrumental in enriching Britain’s relationship with China.

During 2015 Robbie was appointed one of two inaugural roving ambassadors for The Commonwealth of Nations. Apart from these important positions, Robbie also pursues his love of beekeeping as President of The Commonwealth Beekeepers Association.

Robbie and his family are based in London, Great Britain.



Dr Offutt is the former Executive Director of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership. With such a background, Dr Offutt assists and advises the group on its programs promoting children’s literacy and education across the world.

A leading educationalist, Dr Offutt also brings operational insight and fundraising expertise to GCC.


Prince Albert ESIRI

His Highness Prince Albert of Nigeria is a leading African businessman with extensive connections in Europe.

Prince Albert is a well known philanthropist and with his wife, Ifeoma they share a passion for literacy.

Prince Albert Esiri is CEO of Ashbert Beverages and Ashbert Oil & Gas. The Esiri Family are based in the Delta State of Nigeria.

Prince Albert offers the board a great insight into Africa and also the challenges of the Middle East.


Professor Marilyn LEASK

Professor Leask is based in the United Kingdom. She is the Professor of Education Knowledge

Management at the University of Bedfordshire (UK). Professor Leask is also a director of MESH Guides, a major web-based publishing project focused on improving teaching and the learning of individuals through improving teacher access to research based pedagogic knowledge. Internationally recognised, Professor Leask is a world leader in teacher education. Marilyn also serves on the governing body of the International Council for the Education of Teachers (ICET). She is also a leading member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA). Professor Leask was one of the first leading educationalists to join the Global Coalition for Change, having attended the inaugural meetings in 2013.



Tony Harris is an IT engineer and is the principal of Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd. Tony brings not only information technology expertise to the GCC but also great skill and knowledge in publishing and graphic design.

Tony is the lead IT specialist within the GCC Advisory Council and is our lead advisor on all of our digital platforms. Tony is also a respected author and publisher. He is the owner and leading creative behind the innovative storyteller, Wombat Books.

Tony brings a practical addition to the team with years of experience in building the capacity of organisations and ensuring they have the tools they need to meet their goals.