The Global Coalition for Change (GCC) wishes to honour significant achievement by Change-makers and Leaders in the community. A very large part of this is building awareness. As such we have established a coterie of global Ambassadors.

This group will first be acknowledged by us. Secondly we will work with these amazing people and their organisations. And lastly, but by no means least, we will recruit these highly respected individuals and organisations to help us in our mission to accelerate and bring about more meaningful change. We also hope that these great citizens of the world we enrich our organisation with their advice and presence over the year.

Dr. M. Ehsanur Rahman

Dr Rahman is a widely respected educationalist and civic reformer based in Bangladesh.

Dr Rahman is the current Executive Director of the Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM).

DAM, which was founded in 1958, is one of the Bangladesh's largest not for profit groups dedicated to improving the lives and education of the people. The group's motto ‘Divine and humanitarian service’ not only symbolizes their mission but also captures the spirit and nature of their activities.

Dr Rahman's career is not only one of eminence, but also one of long service to the people of his nation. Dr Rahman brings a vast knowledge of not only his nation, Bangladesh, but also of the E9 region to the GCC.


Ms. Ifeoma Esiri

Ms Esiri is a proud Nigerian woman who has accomplished much in her life. Educated at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE), Ifeoma is a respected lawyer and a director of a Nigerian Bank. But her life's passion outside her family is for literacy and the desire to make lives richer and brighter through reading.

Ms Esiri inherited her passion for literacy from her father, Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue (d.1975). Zaccheus was also an LSE graduate who became a leading Nigerian company executive and a senior Government official. He also loved reading. In 2000 Ifeoma joined her Mother and Sister in honouring her father in opening Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries - this amazing institution has now expanded to incorporate several other locations and services in and around Ikoyi, Nigeria. All of which are dedicated to lifting the literacy and access to educational resources of their students.

Monica Haydee Ramos

Monica, a proud Mexican American, is based in Illinois, USA. She holds a Masters of Education from the National Louis University, Chicago USA.

Monica is an expert in leadership studies, administration and building collaborative networks. She is a leading and committed networker for community outreach and advocacy. Monica is also a member of the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) Elite - which is their global ambassadorial circle.

Monica is also a proud high level and well connected advocate for education in Mexico. She is also becoming an expert in the scenarios surrounding the Mexican diaspora in the USA, and the phenomenon of the mass return of Mexican Americans to Mexico.

Monica was elected one of GCC's first Ambassadors. She was elevated to the Ambassadorial circle in 2014. She gained this honour while presenting in Oxford, UK at the World Literacy Summit.

In recent times, Monica has continued her study and research with many more visits to educational conferences. In Sept. 2016 Monica attended the Red Global Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, where she assisted global networks to help Mexican education. Just recently, in Nov. 2016, Monica traveled to Hamburg (Germany) to help draft an international teaching pack that will be used by UNESCO in their work to help Inter-generational education.


Michael Gallus

Founder and CEO of Footys4All, will join the GCC Ambassadorial Circle.

Mick, as he is commonly known, has been selected to join the Ambassadorial circle because of his lifelong commitment to charity, literacy and helping the disadvantaged not only here in Australia, but also around the world (particularly in Fiji and the PNG).

Mick was educated at Penleigh and Essendon Anglican Grammar School (PEGS) and the University of Melbourne in Australia. Educated as a secondary school teacher, Michael rejoined his old school, PEGS, as a school master.

While teaching full-time, Michael founded Footys4All in 2012. The Footys4All organisation has since steadily grown into a successful national charitable organisation. At the heart of its mission is the provision of free sporting equipment (footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc.) to disadvantaged, disabled and socially displaced children in Australia (and the world) free of charge. It sees the provision of free sporting equipment as a key motivator for kids to engage more in school, sports, and programs orientated to build literacy, confidence, and well-being. This work has proven so successful that Mick now travels around the country providing footballs, books and inspirational mentoring to thousands of kids (both non and Indigenous). And also when he can overseas. He has recently visited Fiji and Papua New Guinea, where he has been instrumental in helping both countries with their sports equipment, books and local reconstruction (after several climatic disasters). Michael is also very proud to state that over the last four years his group has given out almost 100,000 footballs, and visited over 50 schools & organisations building literacy, health and community well-being.

Michael is also a very keen and dedicated mentor, not just to his class kids at the PEGS School, but also to teenagers in the Juvenile Justice System. He regularly conducts sports clinics at the Parkville Junvenile Justice Centre, and the Port Phillip Prison. Michael has also assisted sports clinics in India where his group works with disadvantaged children who have special needs. In his 'downtime' he coaches a local football and netball team.

In 2015 Michael was publicly recognised for his amazing work and was awarded Melbourne's Local Hero Award. In 2016, he was again recognised with the Victoria Pride of Australia Award. On the presentation of his Pride of Australia medal Michael was featured in the Herald-Sun (12/12/16) with several other leading Victorians, he was reported as stating "it doesn't matter if you're five or 95 you can get out and make a change in the world". Even with this highlight under his belt, Michael and his Footys4All team insist they have more to do, and indeed are striving to donate over 100,000 footballs, and visit more schools, and communities by the end of 2017.

GCC is also very proud to state Michael and Footys4all have also been wonderful allies and supporters of the Global Coalition For Change. In return the GCC has also helped Michael and his team with books and other educational resources to compliment his work, and deliver more impact. Together the two groups have made significant gifts to a large number of Indigenous communities, most recently in Toowoomba, where Mick donated more than 50 footballs to accompany our Christmas gift of more than 2000 free books to local Indigenous families.

The Global Coalition For Change is very proud to welcome Michael Gallus to our Ambassadorial Circle and as an International Champion of Literacy.

Welcome and Congratulations Michael Gallus.

Dr Scott Simpson

The Global Coalition for Change is proud to announce that Dr (David) Scott Simpson has accepted an invitation to join the GCC Ambassadorial Circle.

Dr. Scott Simpson has been an educator for 29 years at the middle, secondary, university and adult professional learning levels. He holds an MA in Curriculum and Instruction and a PhD in English, both from the University of Nebraska— Lincoln.

Dr Simpson presently works at Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE) in South Dakota, USA. During his nine years at Technology & Innovation in Education, Dr. Simpson has worked with schools and districts on initiatives associated with literacy, intrinsic motivation, character education and cultural responsiveness. He is a co-developer and co-director of the WoLakota Project, an initiative that links the Elder-developed Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings with current research in Indigenous Learning approaches to address the particular needs of learners in South Dakota schools. He has video-interviewed more than 30 Native Elders from North and South Dakota over the last several years, and has presented the WoLakota Project approach, and related topics, to educators in conferences throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and from Washington DC to Jamaica to Reno to Hawaii (and many points in between). To find out more about the WoLakota Project and to view its Elder interview resources, visit www.wolakotaproject.org .

Dr. Simpson, since 2014, has co-facilitated the development of the North Dakota Native American Essential Understandings (NDNAEU) by Elders of various tribes in North Dakota and developed the accompanying website (www.teachingsofourelders.org ). Dr. Simpson is also a Courage and Renewal Facilitator, and has been leading Courage to Teach retreat series since 2009. Courage to Teach, based on the work of Parker Palmer, is a growing international approach to supporting educators and other professionals as they develop healthy, whole and reflective engagement with their vocation, the people they serve, and their own sense of identity. Learn more about the Center for Courage & Renewal at www.couragerenewal.org .

Scott is also a published poet, songwriter and musician (www.scottsimpsonmusic.com ). He often incorporates creative approaches to writing, songwriting and music into his presentations.

The global board and advisory council are very pleased to have Dr Simpson join our Ambassadorial circle, and very much look forward to Scott's participation, advice and contribution towards our joint efforts for higher rates literacy and our wish for a deeper and more respectful engagement in Indigenous affairs.


Sara Elena Mendoza Ortega

The Board of The Global Coalition For Change is excited to welcome Ms Sara Elena Mendoza Ortega to the GCC Ambassadorial Circle.

While based in Mexico City with her family, Sara Elena Mendoza Ortega is a leading and respected educationalist that works across the Latin American sub continent. Sara Elena's hard working commitment to her profession means she also travels widely attending a number of literacy and professional development conferences each year. In recent times, Sara Elena has specialised on attending and speaking at a number of UNESCO related Youth And Adult Education summits. Sara Elena's passion is particularly centred on the advancement of literacy and Adult education.

Sara Elena's present employer is the widely admired CREFAL organisation - The Regional Cooperation Center for Adult Education in Latin America and The Caribbean. We are also delighted to recognise the cross relationship that Sara Elena has with our global partners, Dhaka Ahsania Mission of Bangladesh. In years past, Sara Elena volunteered and worked closely with Dr Ehsanur Rahman (Inaugural GCC Ambassador) and other colleagues of DAM in Bangladesh. We also note with admiration that Sara Elena has also volunteered and worked in agricultural and education projects in El Salvador, Haiti and Guatemala.

Sara Elena's professional life in Latin America offers another leveraged up connection for the GCC in regards to the E9 group of countries of the world. GCC has and continues to develop a real interest in this part of the world, having just recently sponsored the Chief Education Officers Breakfast at the ICET World Assembly conference in Kingston, Jamaica in July 2016. This insight that Sara Elena offers the GCC Board will be highly appreciated.

Among Sara Elena's many talents is her passion for language. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French. She is also a widely published author in many academic journals, as well as many online and printed magazines.

The Global Coalition For Change welcomes Sara Elena Mendoza Ortega to the Ambassadorial Circle and as an International Champion for Literacy.

Sharla Steever

The Board of the Global Coalition For Change is excited and proud to announce Ms Sharla Steever has accepted our invitation to join the Global Ambassadorial Circle of the GCC.

Sharla is based in Rapid City, South Dakota USA with her husband and family. She is a teacher and a mentor. Sharla holds a number of tertiary qualifications in Education, Curriculum and Childhood Education. She also holds a license to be a Minister from the Yankton School of Theology.

Over her professional career, Sharla has developed her career from teaching at Grade School to becoming a learning specialist with the respected Technology and Innovation in Education Group (TIE) in South Dakota, USA. Sharla also served as a Co-Director at Placerville Camp and Retreat Center in the Black Hills in South Dakota, where she further developed her teaching and interactions with young teenagers in a Christian Youth retreat environment.

A dedicated and respected teacher and life-long learner, Sharla Steever has recently seen a great deal of recognition for her work with the Indigenous population and local residents & students of South Dakota with the WoLakota Program. This incredibly important and ground breaking work weaves deep cultural understanding and respect, with teaching and learning at a Higher School and University level, with the promotion and capturing of a higher teacher retention and engagement.

Sharla's vision and commitment to this hugely successful program has been awarded education accolades from around the World. In 2015 the Obama Administration and the Secretary of Education awarded a significant Laboratory Grant to the WoLokata Program to explore how the program can leverage itself and expand into nearby states. This grant was followed up by State of South Dakota grants and awards. In 2016 both directors of the WoLakota program, Sharla Steever and Dr Scott Simpson (another GCC Ambassador) were invited and welcomed at a Tea for Teachers with the US Secretary of State, John King in Washington DC. This prestigious invitation accorded both directors and the WoLakota with significant Federal Government acknowledgement and support.  The WoLakota program under the direction of Sharla and Scott has been accorded with a the reputation of one of the USA's leading and most successful Indigenous education and teacher retention programs.

Along with her success with the WoLakota program, Sharla was also honored by President G W Bush as the South Dakota Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science Teaching in 2007.

Sharla, like other GCC Ambassadors, is also a highly traveled education conference presenter, networker and general member of a range of important advocacy and personal development bodies. Sharla is a member of International Council on Education for Teaching, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Center for Courage and Renewal, National Indian Education Association, Society for Elementary Presidential Awardees, and the National Education Association. Sharla is also a published author and film maker.

The Board of the GCC look forward to working more with Sharla and her colleagues not only with the WoLakota Program, but also with education and teacher development in and outside the United States of America. We will also be looking towards Sharla for more advice and insight into Indigenous education and cultural awareness.

Congratulations Sharla and welcome to the GCC Ambassadorial Circle. And Congratulations also for becoming a true Global Champion of Literacy!