The Global Coalition for Change (GCC) was established after several lengthy discussions and debates by many influential members of the community development and education sectors.

All involved in these discussions felt that efforts to promote positive societal change were being slowed (for far too many community and Not for Profit – NFP –  groups) by a lack of capacity (i.e. the ability to bring together enough resources to complete a task).

As such, in 2013, the GCC was established by Professor James O’Meara and David Perrin to help NFP groups get around such obstructions, and to assist in the building of real capacity for groups in this sector. And it was from this point onwards that the GCC worked as a critical friend for many small to medium sized NFP groups in helping them find the necessary funding, networks and partnerships to enable them to become sustainable and successful organizations (committed to achieving stronger social outcomes).

In 2015, the GCC moved on from being just a pro-bono capacity agency to also become a charity. So along with being a capacity agent, the GCC also now operates two sub funds, the Indigenous Fund and Welcome Mat. We are proud to state that both subordinate bodies successfully help us focus and drive our ambitions to alleviate poverty, illness and dislocation in two of the most disadvantaged sectors, namely within the First Nations and New Citizens demographics.

With over-arching aims of building stronger and more sustainable societies, the GCC and its sub funds engineer programs and partnerships to build education, health and community & personal development.


We officially established ourselves as a global network in 2013.

We became a charity in 2015 with our registration as a public benevolent institution in Australia.

Since 2013 we have maintained offices in Australia, the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Our Secretariat is in Melbourne, Australia.