Global Coalition for Change are proud to present our people

  • Ms Zoe Peck - Philanthropic Consultant
  • Mr Kyle Birkett - Communications Consultant
  • Mr David Perrin - Relationships Manager
  • Ms Glenis Dow - Administrative & Indigenous Community Relations
  • Ms Charmaine Harrison - Indigenous Community Relations
  • Mrs. Ivana Charlton - Executive Director, Back Paddock Partnership
  • Ms Wesa Chau - Director, Welcome Mat Partnership
  • Mr Jeff Chesters - Queensland Indigenous Literacy & Books Program
  • Mr Richard Muller - Senior Indigenous Advisor
  • Mr Keith Hutchence - UK Chairman
  • Professor James O'Meara - President
  • Ms Hyedi Grieg - Senior Multicultural Advisor
  • Ms Mae Metcalf - Indigenous Community Book Program Engagement Officer
  • Snug Site - Webmasters

We are also very thankful for the on-going support of the Golden Key Honour Society - who have provided over 100 volunteers each year to our book program.


Global Coalition for Change is also a part of the following volunteer networks: